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A Letter From Our Proprietor, Garrett Busch

Dear Trinitas Family,

It is a brand new year for all of us, and with that comes some very exciting things and changes at Trinitas Cellars! First, 2017 marks our 15th year in business, having been started by my parents Tim and Steph Busch in 2002. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and patronage over the years, and get ready for some exciting new changes in the coming years, we look forward to having you grow with us. In honor of our 15th year anniversary we will be having an exciting Trinitas weekend to celebrate our 15th year anniversary, events will be starting on August 3rd through the 6th, over the annual Lobster Feed dinner weekend. This will be all things Trinitas, some amazing meals, incredible wine experiences with some older vintages and rare releases, blending sessions, and more! So mark your calendar, we would love to have you all there!

Another very exciting change in 2017 is the changes we are making to the Wine Society. As we have grown and as our wine portfolio and Wine Society has evolved, we need to make some big changes to improve the Wine Society and its offerings. We have listened to many of your comments and suggestions and two of the biggest issues are shipping costs and also time of year. So, you will notice one of the biggest changes is switching to three shipments a year from four and the amount of wine per shipment for our Trinity and Cardinal members will go from three bottles to four. This is great because even though you receive the same amount of wine throughout the year, you save money on not having to have a 4th shipment. Also, weather is another issue for many of you. We want to make sure the wines get to you as soon as possible after processing your order and that it gets there in perfect condition, we want to make sure the wine tastes as good as when you have it here at the winery! Moving to 3 shipments allows us to shift the calendar and totally avoid the hottest months of the year and avoid most heat issues, getting you the wines as fast as possible and in perfect condition.

With the growth of our portfolio of wines, our growth of benefits and experiences, and also the increase in popularity in your ability to customize all of your Wine Society shipments influenced us to reorganize the Wine Society all together and simplify it into three distinct selections. 

First, is the Growers’ Selection which will replace the Trinity, Cardinal, and Compass tiers. This will have a selection of four of our Signature series wines that will be available three times a year and will be totally customizable based on your preferences. All the benefits of the Growers’ Selection will be the same as you currently receive.

Second, will be the Winemaker’s Selection. This will be the choice for those of you who love all things Trinitas. This will be the first Wine Society offering that will allow our members to receive every wine we make…almost…we have some saved especially for our Proprietors’ Selection members. These members will receive the Growers’ Selection wines plus some selections from our Family Collection wines, library wine selections, and some of our signature wines like the Malbec which are too limited to send to all of our members. Winemaker’s Selection members will also receive flat rate shipping of $15 on all Wine Society shipments, some special benefits at the Trinitas Library and other special wine tasting experiences in the future. The Growers’ Selection will be eight bottles three times per year, and customizable.

Last but not least will be the Proprietors’ Selection, our most exclusive membership. This offering will include only our most coveted Family Collection wines, some Napa selections from our signature wines, and special library vintages and verticals. These members will also have access to purchase our single barrel Fidelis wine, so secret I bet this is the first most of you are hearing about it! These members will receive twelve bottles three times per year and shipping will be included. Furthermore, we will be excited to welcome our Proprietors’ members to two exclusive dinners annually, for these members only, with our family, some incredible food, and special wine pairings…and lots of fun of course! Proprietors’ members will also receive expanded benefits with our private and special tasting experiences…and more exciting benefits to come as we  open the Meritage expansion and our new tasting room next year, but I will leave those surprises for later.

We are super excited to roll out the newest iteration of our Wine Society and we hope you all enjoy the many exciting changes, benefits, and wines coming your way! If you did not opt in to upgrade on this February shipment early, do not worry these exciting changes will be coming your way in our April shipment, and this year the shipments will be reduced to three: one in February, one in April, and one in October. 

In other news, we survived one year with the “Trinitots”! We capped off the year with an incredible week in Kauai, staying at one of the newest Meritage Collection properties, the Koa Kea. If you haven’t been yet I highly recommend it. The team there and the service was incredible, the view was amazing, and Red Salt, the restaurant was downright fantastic (and is rated the best restaurant, on the island!) We had our first wine dinner in Hawaii there and the chef prepared an incredible 5 course meal featuring amazing new courses coming out on the new menu…needless to say all of us were happy to be guinea pigs that night. It is a totally different experience than some of the other properties, it is smaller and very intimate…and most unique of all - it is in Hawaii! I cannot say enough great things about this place and I hope you all have a chance to visit, it is a truly amazing experience that my family and I really enjoyed and we had a great week celebrating the “Trinitots'” first birthday, well and mine but no one cares about that!

Thank you again as always. We are excited to have you as a part of our family and thank you for sticking with us and growing with us through these exciting changes and evolution. We look forward to seeing you all soon in Napa, or possibly somewhere near you, I have a pretty extensive travel schedule this year so chances are I will not be far from you.

All the best,

Garrett Busch 
CEO & Proprietor


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