September 2016 Newsletter

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A Letter From Our Proprietor, Garrett Busch

Dear Trinitas Family,

It’s already fall believe it or not and that of course means harvest is upon us and football has started! That’s what everyone thinks about right? Speaking of football, it has been a fun year for Betsy and me having the opportunity to work with our Alma Mater, The University of Notre Dame, combining our two loves: Wine and Notre Dame. It has been an incredible experience working with the University on our Notre Dame wine project and having an opportunity to meet so many new friends through the program. Needless to say we are excited to have the opportunity to tailgate and cheer on the Irish with our very own ND wines! We continue to look forward to meeting new people and making new friends over these wines.

As I mentioned it is also the season of harvest so it is very busy at Trinitas and the whole valley. What we are very excited about is of course the outcome of the harvest, and the reflection on the incredible blessings we have had over the last few years. So the harvest as of this minute isn’t over, but if the weather we have been experiencing holds through the end of October, I believe we are looking at another historic vintage in Napa and Northern California. This would mark the 5th, not just good vintage in a row, but the 5th STELLAR vintage in a row. Starting in 2012 we have been blessed with incredible harvest year after year, so needless to say the prayers have paid off and that “sun” in sun, soil, humanity has been great to us! Keep an eye out for the wines coming down the pipeline from these vintages they are amazing. Kevin and I just wrapped up bottling the 2014 red Bordeaux varietals and the 2015 whites and non-Bordeaux varietals and we agree a few of the wines in there are the best we’ve made for particular varietals. The only bad news is some of these will be bottled aged for a year or two so you will have to wait!

Speaking of these great newer vintages, you have some 2013’s coming your way in this shipment! This is a special vintage; the infamous Robert Parker called this the best California vintage since 1976…that’s a big statement! Let me try and translate some of this though since all these recent vintages are amazing but they are different in profile. What makes 2013 interesting and unique is that this vintage seems to be the most age worthy of late, particularly for your big reds. These wines have a lot of body and structure and are going to continue to improve over the coming years. The only disadvantage is that these wines are sometimes not as drinkable up front, like the 2012’s were. Do not worry though, we did the early aging for you and now all of these 2013 wines are incredible and ready to drink now, but if you have some patience definitely hang onto some for a few years! The 2013 Pinot Noir is in its classic Trinitas form, with maybe a little more oomph! This wine is beautiful and bold but still has those lovely fruit and baking spice characteristics you expect from our Pinot…this is Kevin’s baby and he has delivered again! The 2013 Merlot is our take on the classic Rutherford Bench Merlot. It has the lovely “Rutherford dust” on the finish, but all the gorgeous fruit and flavor you demand and expect from Trinitas! This is our second vintage of a single varietal Merlot, we look forward to making this wine for years to come. We also have the lovely 2013 Rose’ary. This wine is delicious and refreshing and perfect for this time of year. It has been so fun lately to have dry Rosé; this is a hot wine right now and is super popular which has made this wine even more fun…those of you that have been enjoying it for years know what we are talking about. Then for our

Proprietors’ Club members, we have some very special Family Collection wines coming your way. When I talk about wines to be patient and hang onto, the 2013 Martin Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2013 Pelkan Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon are perfect examples. The Martin Cab some of you may be familiar with since this is our second vintage working with this amazing vineyard. We get this wine from the Coombsville AVA which is getting more and more popular as a cult region for Cab…we are super excited to have gotten into the area early in 2012! This is definitely a beautiful wine to age and is still my go to Ribeye wine. The Pelkan Ranch Cab comes from the same vineyard and grower as our CABERNET FRANCis. After working with the amazing Cabernet Franc from his vineyard John Pelkan approached us about his Cabernet Sauvignon block and we of course had to try it and we are glad we did! This is an amazing hillside vineyard featuring the highest elevation vineyard we work with. That hillside characteristic really stresses the grapes more which delivers great intensity, complexity, and flavor. This is definitely one we are excited to continue to work with!Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to hosting you soon at the winery!

God Bless,
Garrett Busch

Click Here to Download the Full September 2016 Newsletter!